CTM_01_VOGUE-AUS-DOT April 5, 2013


If you’re a die hard, design tragic like me the start of the month is an exciting time.

What I mean is, the release of the latest ‘Glossy Mags’.

Now living in France, my favourite local magazines are a distant memory. However with the use of on-line newsagencies my monthly reads are still available, but has the traditional magazine lost its Romanticism?

With the world turning digital I sometimes feel like I’m drowning in a sea of images, saving and book marking hundreds of inspiration pictures per week and hoping I haven’t missed something worth seeing.

Watch out here’s the Catch 22!

This digitalisation has lead to the success of the ‘Blog’ and social media, which I am now apart of but don’t you think there is a difference between laying your eyes on the latest and not your hands?

I know you can do more on your iPad than what now feels like an ancient form of communication called printed media. But there is something about falling in love with the latest shoot and then carrying that publication around under your arm for the next few weeks while you lust over it.

The latest Vogue Australia - which I bought online and read on my iPad - has two great articles by Natasha Inchley and Kathleen Baird-Murray, on the ‘Dot.Com’ era and the benefits of social media but also how addictive it can be...

Tell me what you think.....

CTM_02_VOGUE AUS DOT.COMImages via Vogue Australia April 2013 vogue.com.au

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