The Chamber of Curiosity by Gestalten is a collection of the best interiors from around the world, also with a strong emphasis on their occupants and their individual characters. Featuring the homes of designers and architects from Paris to Pittsburgh and Milan to Melbourne, the reader has the opportunity to view these personal interiors that are richly diverse from one another.  As its title suggests, each home is indeed a ''Chamber of Curiosity''. Further reflecting the unconventional life patterns of its inhabitants, the reader is taken deeper, and on a tour of these exciting interiors relaying the inhabitant's deep appreciation of design.

You will recognise some of these images and that is because they dare to do the unexpected, mixing unlikely combinations of colour, texture and styles. These are interiors that simply can’t be replicated due to their very personal soul.

CTM_02_THE CHAMBER OF CURIOSITY.House of Adriano and Silvia in Milan, Design by Pietro Russo, Photography by Filippo Bambhergi.

CTM_03_THE CHAMBER OF CURIOSITY. Milano Solferino, Design by Dimore studio, Photography by Beppe Brancato.

CTM_04_THE CHAMBER OF CURIOSITY.50sqm in Città Studi, Design by Pietro Russo, Photography by Filippo Bambherg.

CTM_05_THE CHAMBER OF CURIOSITY. Harmony Club, Photography © Robert Rausch of GAS Design Center, Image Courtesy of The New York Times. 

CTM_06_THE CHAMBER OF CURIOSITY. Home of Artur Miranda and Jacques Bec, Design by Oitoemponto, Photography by Ana Carvalho. 

CTM_07_THE CHAMBER OF CURIOSITY.Ricardo Bofill Residence, Design by Marta Vilallonga, Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura, Photography by Richard Powers.

CTM_08_THE CHAMBER OF CURIOSITY. Ricardo Bofill Residence, Design by Marta Vilallonga, Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura, Photography by Richard Powers.

CTM_09_THE CHAMBER OF CURIOSITY. Brussels Vintage Home, Photography by Nicolas Mathéus.

CTM_10_THE CHAMBER OF CURIOSITY. Studiopepe for Spotti, Design by Studiopepe, Photography by Andrea Ferrari. 

CTM_11_THE CHAMBER OF CURIOSITY 1950s-60s Apartment in Monaco, Design by Humbert & Poyet, Photography by Véronique Mati.

CTM_12_THE CHAMBER OF CURIOSITY Home of Jean-Christophe Aumas, Design by Jean-Christophe Aumas, Photography by Helenio Barbetta & Didier Delmas.

CTM_13_THE CHAMBER OF CURIOSITY The Tree Top Chalet, Design by Søren Rose Studio, Photography by John Bendtsen.

CTM_14_THE CHAMBER OF CURIOSITY Cape of Good Hope House, Design by Jean-Marc Lederman, Photography by Jean-Marc Lederman.

CTM_15_THE CHAMBER OF CURIOSITY Rungstedgaard Hotel, Design by Frederikke Aagaard, Photography by Line Klein.


Café at Savoy Ulus Club House, Design by Autoban, Photography by Ali Bekman.

CTM_17_THE CHAMBER OF CURIOSITYVancouver House & Studio, Design by Omer Abel Office, Photography by Martin Tessler.

CTM_18_THE CHAMBER OF CURIOSITYFritz Hansen, Photography by Ditte Isager & Andrea Ferrari.

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