BORDEAUX-INTRO February 17, 2015


I will admit, I didn't have high expectations of Bordeaux…. Yes, I knew it would be beautiful like most French cities but I didn't expect to fall totally head over heals in love. It is often compared architecturally to Paris, which I agree with, but there is something so beautifully quaint and special about this city that has been transformed back to its original glory over the past 10 years. The city itself is a bustling metropolis of restaurants, great shopping and fantastic wine bars and within 40 minutes you can be in some of the most beautiful wine country I have ever seen (Medoc & St. Emilion). Truly a city worth visiting - iv been trying to find an excuse to go back ever since.

My insider tip is… If you can include St. Emilion into your trip even just for a day it is well worth it.

In my hand... Canon 700D SLR Camera. My tip - take a camera, there is a photo opportunity on every corner!

I indulged in... Too much red wine - don't go to Bordeaux if you are not going to quench your thirst with a few too many bottles of rouge!

I brought back… A few to many bottles of red!

Bordeaux1Photography © Studio Arrc By Sophie Carr.

1. PLUME SMALL KITCHEN 32, Rue Cheverus. Fantastic place to stop for lunch! Choose from the daily specials and walk out with a belly full of food!

2. FROMAGERIE DERUELLE 66, Rue Du Pas Saint Georges. Its Lilac facade is as inviting as the exquisite french cheeses that fill this store. My advise buy a baguette from the bakery across the road, stop here to pick up some cheese and head to Place de la Bourse to watch the crowd go by.

3. MONSIEUR MADAME BOUTIQUE 26, rue Condillac. A beautifully designed clothing and accessories store.

4. LA COUR CARRÉE 5, rue de Lurbe. An affordable hotel right in the action. The open plan rooms have been designed to feel loft like forget small french hotels - you will have more than enough room here!

5. ATELIER 29 14, Cours de Verdun. Atelier 29 is a must for interior designers in Bordeaux. Purity & elegance.

6. MADISON PATISSERIE 2, place Tourny - GLUTTONY is defined as - habitual greed or excess in eating - you will do that here with the most delicious cupcakes!

7. LA CAGETTE 8, Place du Palais. A brunch menu in France is something I am always drawn to, and one that includes eggs is even better.

8. MONSIEUR BLOOM 72, Rue Du Pas Saint Georges. Everything its name describes, a store filled to the brim with seasonal flowers for all occasions. Stop and smell the roses!

9. AUX 4 COINS DU VIN 8, Rue de la Devise. What a find. This wine bar is the reason I love France. Incredible wines all for the tasting. Here you will get a debit card and you can serve yourself! A dangerous thing in the land of Rouge!

10. MA PREMIÈRE BOUTIQUE 11 Rue Maucoudinat; A very fashionable boutique where you can find the likes of Isabel Marant & Diptyque -  a personal favourite and always beautifully styled!



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