EST_BATHROOM November 22, 2013


The bathroom is as crucial as any other room in the home, for me its my sanctuary. Whether its moody greys or warm whites, materials and details are key including the selection of soap on the vanity. Lather up the luxe!




1. Design Hecker Guthrie | Photography Derek Swalwell
2. Design Wonder | Photography Paul Barbera
3. Heath Bathtowel | Country Road
4. Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm | Aesop
5. David Moreland Design Pendant 45 Copper | English Tapware Company
6. Toilet Caddy & Brush | Old Faithful Shop
7. Adnet Circulaire L Mirror | Gubi
8. Pirch Walnut Timber Side Table | Rogerseller
9. The best made bar of soap | Best Made Company
10. Design Templeton Architecture | Photography Sharyn Cairns
11. Design Wonder | Photography Paul Barbera
12. Design Justine Hugh Jones

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