CTM_01_Bonnemazou-Cambus September 29, 2015

Bonnemazou Cambus

Hardware should be seen as the finishing touch of an interior - like the perfect earring to match the perfect outfit they should not be forgotten!

Paris-based product and interior designers - Manuel Bonnemazou and Agnès Cambus - have crafted a unique collection of handles in decorative shapes and vibrant colors. Each are created with fine jewelry-making techniques, into gorgeous configurations to make your door standout. Each door knob and handle is designed, finished, polished and painted by hand to offer a superior locking mechanism with an artistic touch.

"The door handle is an often overlooked decorative element, envy has taken us to give a bang on our doors!"

Oh La La  - Oh so Chic!




CTM_05_Bonnemazou-Cambus Images via Bonnemazou Cambus.


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