HK_01_STUDIO KO October 18, 2015

Studio KO

Studio KO is known for their minimal aesthetic however, this pied-à-terre in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris that they have recently completed for a couple — one a financier and the other a fashion designer — is quite the contrary to their ethos - " ‘This took us further in some way than we had gone,’’ says Marty. ‘‘For years we stayed away from color, but as we go on, there is more and more confidence, and now we’re letting it back into our work.’’

The clients, who split their time between a townhouse in Manhattan and a high-rise in Hong Kong, sought out KO after seeing their interiors in magazines. They were so sure about the firm that they signed a contract after one initial phone conversation!

The 1,800-square foot two-bedroom apartment is in a 19th-century building, and is among the finest of its era, with disciplined lines and none of the over-the-top revival touches this era is known for. The living room is dominated by a massive curved sofa covered in vibrant blue velvet and the shelves have been lined with an unexpected tangerine velvet!!  The couple’s taste for strong statements and KO’s new found love of colour are also evident the guest room, which has Majorelle-blue walls.





HK_02_STUDIO KOImages via Studio Ko

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