est_kitchens October 31, 2013


Kitchens are a place to gather and a place that should reflect the daily ongoings of family life, they are the central nervous system of the home. I am loving pattern and bold colours that are so artfully contrasted to their traditional finishes.


est_kitchens est_kitchens



1. Design by Hecker Guthriephotography by Derek Swalwell 
2. Design by Justine Hugh Jones
3. Cari Oak Lid Bowl | Country Road
4. Work Table | March
5. Salt & Pepper Bottle Grinder | Menu 
6. Tea with Georg Tea Pot | Georg Jensen
7. Steelwood Stool | Magis 
8. Design by Justine Hugh Jones
9. Design by Oscar Properties
10. Rogerseller Bontempi Kitchen

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