CTM_01_JEMIMA KIRKE March 27, 2014


Jemima Kirke and her alter ego, Jessa Johansson from the HBO series 'Girls', share a number of common traits - best friend Lena Dunham (or Hannah Horvath) and her famous Bohemian vibe follow her to her everyday life, however her somewhat train-wreck life as Jessa is far from the real Jemima's successes. She is a methodical and serious artist and will unveil her second solo exhibition of portraiture, 'Platforms' at the gallery Fouladi Projects in San Francisco.

The Rhode Island School of Design alumna, who calls herself an artist first, actress second, will feature seven canvasses of all-female subjects - a common theme with the 30-odd pieces the artist has already sold in her career. Past sitters have included friends like Dunham, Liv Tyler and Annabelle Dexter-Jones. For this catalogue, she’s showing nudes of her actress sister Lola Kirke, but also more innocent clothed portraits girls, such as her 3-year-old daughter. Her work expresses vulnerability, frustration and her method draws attention to physical flaws and imperfections, which she describes as "part of our individuality".

Somewhat alluring, just like Jemima/Jessa don't you think?



CTM_04_JEMIMA KIRKEImages via Fouladi Projects.

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