HK_01_DANIEL CHADWICK February 13, 2014

In Residence: Daniel Chadwick

From the outside Lypiatt Park, home to kinetic sculptor Daniel Chadwick looks as traditional as it gets, with turrets, spires and gothic windows. However inside the Victorian mansion, it is a complete contradiction -  a pure white interior with no connection to its exterior - full of mobiles, cast metal sculptures and large-scale works by his friend and fellow artist Damien Hirst.

Daniel’s father, the modernist sculptor Lynn Chadwick is the one responsible for renovating - Ill call removing - this homes gothic charm and turning it into a modernist art museum. I must admit - I LOVE IT! The stained-glass windows are magic, and the white wash interior is the perfect backdrop for their every changing light display.

Daniel's quirky personality is on show as we walk through his home, following his children dressed in white (of course) as they run through the vast spaces they call their home - somewhat bizarre, but somewhat facinating!

Film via Nowness.

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