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Meet the enviably talented - Marsha Golemac, a stationary and homeware product developer by trade, a stylist, paper artist and crafter, visual merchandiser and designer, not to mention an all-round divine human!  Having spent most of her career as Product Manager for kikki.K, Marsha decided to go back to her love of creating and working one on one with her trusty pair of scissors, and so Marsha Golemac the 'freelancer' was created in 2011.

"I am a stylist that works with paper, creates set designs, installations and if you told me to mow the lawn in a hexagon shape I would do that too".

Her work is inspiringly fresh and unique, injecting colour and a huge amount of prowess into all her creations. She has collaborated with and created installations for fashion labels such as Gorman, Incu and Megan Park, to now teaching paper lovers alike at Megan Morton's 'The School', what a paper making powerhouse!

Marsha is a fabulous example of how important it is to do what you LOVE in life. Thank you Marsha for giving me the inspiration to dream big!

Without further ado let me introduce you to...

Name... Marsha Golemac

Current Location...  Melbourne

Tell me a little about your background - what did you study and what lead you to where you are now?

I studied a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Media. I thought I wanted to be journalist , writer or a film maker. I was 17 and thought I knew myself – I was very wrong. Whilst at university I worked in retail at The Just Group, starting off as a casual sales assistant to eventually a store manager role. The Just Group was a great starting point into the working world. Retail was portrayed as a career and not just a sales role as some may see it. Regardless of the role you were involved in every process and it was this involvement that led me to really love retail, customer service, visual merchandising, branding and the product process.  It was this love along with my understanding of retail that led me to discover my interest in product development.  And after knocking on the head office door [and being super annoying] for almost 2 years – I landed a job as an assistant buyer at Portmans. The transition from buyer to developer was quick and I ended up spending most of my career as a Product Manager for kikki.K. It was 18 months ago that I started asking myself the question, where to now? I had always been a creative kid and recalled styling my mother's home at a very young age. I strangely enjoyed dusting because it meant I could move things around.  I was always making something and always loved making anything from paper. Yet, as you get on through school you are somewhat brainwashed to choose a career path and forget the activities that made you happy. Wearing a suit and making money somehow becomes the main direction and the passions you have are slowly forgotten. So after some self analysis I quit my job – it was hard – saying goodbye to a career, a great job and security but I had to do it otherwise I would never know whether all the ideas I had in my head were awesome or just pure crap. I quit my job with no intention of being a particular 'something'. I quit my job because I wanted to do it all. I am a stylist that works with paper, creates set designs, installations and if you told me to mow the lawn in a hexagon shape I would do that too. At the end of the day I choose to do many things because I love many things and what lead me to what I am doing now is passion, drive, thinking big and working hard.

You are a stationary and homeware product developer by trade, a stylist, paper artist and crafter, visual merchandiser and designer - How do you juggle your time between projects, and can you briefly explain each of your roles? 

It really comes down to being organised. Even though each project is different I use the same formula to prepare for a project. I always present a concept to a client and sets tasks with time frames to achieve the final result. Some projects require things that others don't, but as long as I follow the tasks I set for myself then everything is achievable.



CTM_14_MARSHA GOLEMACStyling for Australian design website The Design Files; Photography by Brooke Holm.

You have collaborated with and created installations for fashion labels such as Gorman, Incu and my personal favourite - the unforgettable Mothers Day window for Megan Park! What gene ral process is involved in the creation and construction of your designs? 

These types of projects are really fun because the brief is usually "go for it." But regardless of what the brief is, my ideas are all about staying true to me and combining that with a clients vision or brand. This is when the best kind of magic happens. Sometimes I think of an amazing paper based concept and have no idea how on earth I will make it happen but that is what I enjoy the most, the challenge. I would be lying if I said that the process is always perfect, I do paper construction tests to decide on the best way to go about an idea and sometimes they really suck. It's all about trial and error, and discovering the best possible way to achieve the high five moment.






CTM_07_MARSHA GOLEMACThe unforgettable Mothers Day window for Megan Park; Photography by Brooke Holm.

How did you learn to be so nifty with paper and a pair of scissors? 

I stole an origami book from the school library when I was 7. That book taught me a bit, aside from that I have taught myself, and am still learning.

What do you love about working with paper? 

It's all about the clean lines. I love its simple form, how one fold can change your perspective.



CTM_11_MARSHA GOLEMACMarsha's paper creations, LOVE that 3D paper pineapple! Photography by Brooke Holm.

What does a typical day at work involve for you?

Coffee, emails, working on concepts, designing/installing/styling something, Bunnings trip, eating snacks, Officeworks trip, working out ways to conquer the world, you know just normal stuff.

Explain Marsha Golemac in 5 words... Imaginative, clumsy, what's for dinner?

What inspires you? My brother Ivan

I can’t start the day without... Coffee

I’m currently obsessing over...  Jay Z's new album Magna Carta Holy Grail

Favourite Design Piece... At the moment it's anything Iacoli & McAllister

Dream project or collaboration I would love to work with Bestmade, Urban Outfitters, Muji, Denham the Jeanmaker, Pino, Campers – clearly it's a short list.

Favorite stationary or homewares store... Muji

My biggest purchase to date was... My car

My next big splurge is... A new car because my old car just bombed out on the Hume highway

Im dying to go to... Croatia. For a month.

On Saturday you will find me... Eating snacks somewhere with my man Dan. Cleaning up all the paper scraps all over my apartment.

Best kept Melbourne secret... Eat the tuna dish at Cumulus Inc – it's not a secret, you just have to do it.

Whats on the drawing board... Very exciting shoots coming up…time will tell!


CTM_16_MARSHA GOLEMACA peek inside Marsha's Collingwood home and studio; Photography by Brooke Holm.

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